A Pair of Jeans

Thursday 24 May 2012 - Sunday 17 June 2012

Artists Jean Spokes and Jean Buettel (A pair of Jean?s) flew off to Paris for an art adventure. After a few, very intense days exploring the beautiful city of Paris with it?s lovely architecture and abundant galleries, they travelled to the South of France to the ancient little town of Lodeve. For two weeks they had the pleasure of painting with a local artist David McEwen and being hosted by his wonderful wife Sally.

"A Pair of Jeans in France" is an exhibition of the works inspired during this fantastic time immersed in such an historical & interesting culture. The show opens on Thursday 24th May at 7pm and runs until Sunday June 17th.

There will be a free sketching workshop hosted by the Jeans at the Gallery. Check back here to confirm the time and date. Everyone is welcome.