Strangely Familiar - Photographs by Adele Compton

Friday 4 April 2014 - Sunday 27 April 2014

Adele's flamboyant and spirited nature reverberates throughout this exciting and joyful exhibition. Her work is creative, artistic and strong . Adele's life long photography passion often takes her down a winding path of mixed mediums. Her works search for a common element of humour and often embark on a rebellious journey.

"Strangely Familiar" exhibition is mystical, explosive and adventurous. These photographic art masterpieces have clarity and freshness that enables the viewer to see beyond the contours and shapes of the forest.
All images been be beautifully presented using state of the art mounting which has completed the professionalism of this exhibition.
The photo shoot was shot in the fabulous Copeland Tops State Conservative Area...We promise you will feel the magic that Adele has captured. All models and assistants are to be congratulated on their part of the exciting shoot.

Adele's images convey the essence of what it is like to be human with a honest and deliberate exploration of human emotions portraying fragility and sensuality in a magical wonderland.

Adele's natural felt fibre wearable art is an absolute joy, exploding with brightness and excitement . Each colourful art beanie is an unique expression from Adele's rich imaginative world. We expect to see many colourful beanies being worn in Gloucester and Barrington this winter.

The opening of "Strangely Familiar" is on 4th April 2014 6.30pm
Gloucester Gallery.

Adele would like to invite all artists, GACCI members and her friends to join her at the opening of the exhibition. How lucky are we to be able to dance the night away with the famous local band In like Flynn.

The night will be opened by well known artist photographer Robert Bignell from the Hunter.