'Eclectic mix' - Painitngs and Jewellery by David Hjorth

Thursday 23 April 2015 - Monday 18 May 2015

'Eclectic Mix' at the Gloucester Gallery from next Thursday 23rd April.

David is a quietly spoken retired public servant who started painting water colours in 1977 but took a long break to raise a family and pursue a career. He took up painting again two years ago and now works with acrylics and oils.

His first exhibition 'Eclectic Mix' will feature 33 paintings from throughout his career as well as some handmade jewellery.

"I am an artist who does not like to inhabit a closely circumscribed niche," Mr Hjorth said.

"I like a broader conceptual context, which produces diversity of form and expression.

"I believe that any form of art is open to the interpretation of the viewer.

"We all see something different, that is why most of my works have no titles. This, I believe, gives the viewer a choice to open their mind to whatever it is they see and give a work its own title."

Mr Hjorth said he looked back on his time working with water colours fondly, but using more modern techniques provided more scope.

"Water colour was the first medium I worked with. I still enjoy the medium," he said.

"However, over the years I have found there is no need to search, as inspiration is everywhere and working in oils and acrylics has allowed me to express this more freely."

'Eclectic Mix' opens at the Gloucester Gallery on Thursday April 23rd and runs until May 18.

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