Paint,Cloth & Clay - Yvette Hugill, Peter Hugill and Ali Haigh

Thursday 28 February 2019 - Sunday 24 March 2019

Yvette and Peter Hugill are again exhibiting together, this time with Printmaker Ali Haigh. This exhibition 'Paint Cloth & Clay" at Gloucester Gallery from 28th February to 24th March follows on from Peter and Yvette's very successful collaboration at the Manning Regional Gallery late last year and an earlier collaborative between Yvette and Peter at Gloucester Gallery in 2015. Peter's ceramics and Yvette's paintings relate well to each other in colour, pattern and style. 
Yvette's rural landscape inspired paintings are based on her environment with varying styles, fine pastel lines on paper inspired by sunlight and shadows, acrylics to create bold stylised landscapes reflecting the shapes of the trees almost as symbols of nature and oils used both traditionally and contemporary in technique..Yvette has been exhibiting regularly for the past 35 years with many awards to her name.

Peter, has been potting since 2006 and creates earthy domestic ware as well as purely decorative pieces, using both stoneware and porcelain. Some of Peter's porcelain carries sgraffito decoration (a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour or in slip on ceramics before firing), while the stoneware may have unusually coloured bright glaze or subtle earthy tones, in either case the shapes are elegant and strong.

Contemporary printmaker Ali Haigh creates exquisite textiles, referencing patterns in nature and producing prints not unlike Marrimeko fabrics. Her portfolio of work is informed by a project she began in 2015 called Collaborate365, where she created an ephemeral artwork in nature everyday for 1 year and recorded her process digitally through a blog. As a printmaker, Ali's explores the processes of collagraph, linoprint and monotypes within her works on paper, while on fabric she uses a combination of digital and simple hand print methods to create repeat prints from the images she captures.