"Gloucester Locals" Inaugural Portrait Prize 2020 presented by the Gloucester Art Society

Thursday 6 February 2020 - Sunday 23 February 2020

Faces you may know - This is the inaugural Gloucester Portrait competition exhibition and THE SUBJECTS MUST BE PEOPLE LIVING WITHIN THE 2422 POSTCODE.

It is anticipated that this will be an exciting addition to the artistic and cultural life of Gloucester, the entries will be kept secret and unveiled on the opening night. This will create a sense of suspense, excitement and interest in the Gloucester community.

It is anticipated that the exhibition will be of great interest to the Gloucester community seeing themselves and their friends and neighbours reflected back with an artist’s interpretation. It is hoped that it will become an annual or biannual event.

First Prize of $1000 has been sponsored by Lindy Dupree at World Marketing, Travel and Tours and the Gloucester Book Shop.

Second Prize of $350 has been sponsored by the Gloucester School of Arts.

Junior Prize of $100 has been sponsored by the Gloucester Art Society.

Picture from a painting by Jean Buettel