Thursday 3 February 2022 - Sunday 27 February 2022

Old Bar artist Christine Onward creates whimsical artworks inspired by her dreams and past experiences. Her paintings embody her passion for fantasy and story telling, and convey an extraordinary sense of optimism and sensibility.

“I take my childhood memories from Eastern Europe with me every time I paint. To them I add a bit of naive moods, sometimes folk art elements. With all these, the magic of all stories from the past suddenly comes to life”

Christine has a post-graduate degree in Psychology and a background in teaching. Apart from painting , her interests spread across a number of domains including nature photography, writing and artist media promotion.

Over the last years Christine engaged her efforts into creating and developing her own unmistakable artistic style. You will find Christine’s magical journeys not only in her canvas paintings but also in the rocks she paints:

“Rock painting is my most favourite thing to do. I started painting on rocks four years ago when the world around me seemed to fall apart and the therapeutic benefits of this are still felt to this day”

I paint to create magic. In painting, I connect myself with the true me, with the inner innocent voice of the child who still has a lot of stories from the past that need to be told.

 I hope my art inspires everyone to take refuge, dream and create stories of their own:  stories of courage, hope, gratitude and above all, stories of love

Opening Event Saturday 5th February 12pm till 3pm, Entry is FREE booking required