Bucketts to Beach

Thursday 5 January 2023 - Sunday 29 January 2023

Andrea Noice and Marley Colborne, mother and son, come together for the first time to showcase landscapes from the Buckets to Beach using an array of mediums, textiles and textures. Their selection of artworks charts their journey and connection to Australian natural wonders, care free days spent by the water and optimism for freedom and movement in the coming months and years ahead.

Andrea’s partner and his family are from Gloucester and now, she feels connected to the area and its people. She was born and raised in the UK, has travelled to many parts of the World, exploring constant motion and the sweeping changes of various terrains, none more impressive than that of the Buckets. Her more than ten-year practice of painting in oils are emotionally charged and she hopes to share her joy with others. Andrea has recently become an exhibiting member of the KU-Ring - Gai Art Society in Sydney.

Marley is studying fine Arts at UNSW and is currently focused on creating landscapes using a combination of photography and printmaking with the intention to have his works painted and printed using various techniques, textile work and projection.