Australia Through My Paint Brush

Thursday 7 November 2024 - Sunday 1 December 2024

Born in Hungary in 1943 emigrated to Australia 1957
I attended Art School at East Sydney Technical College
I begin painting as a traditional painter in oils and water-colour and in recent times, explored new styles and
methods in painting such as contemporary and abstract.  These methods allowed me to experiment new ways of
using the paint, and learning the magic of what painting is all about. Such is the theory that, what the artist puts
on the canvas is not determined by the hand and the brush alone, but the mixing of paint on the canvas – thus,
the paint works for you, and that’s brings the final result.  These methods and styles where on display at my
recent exhibition at Gallery Lane Cove.
What is my passion? What are my goal as an artist? Throughout years of experience and personal
development, I have grown a passion for creating, experimenting and inspiring new art. My passion
and art has been to travel overseas, and also work with artists in Australia’, experiencing
firsthand all their individual and unique styles. My future exhibition is to showcase these
My travel to Europe gave me a first hand view of some of Europe’s old masters work. Visiting the art
capitals like Venice, Florence, Pisa, Amsterdam, and Budapest. The immense knowledge I gathered
by viewing the works of artists like Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci,
Raphael, and the great Hungarian painter Mihaly Munkácsy – was an indescribable experience.
I feel that my versatility is represented through the cross-section of my artworks, with the
forms, colours, and the compositions all remaining in harmony. At the same time, keeping my
uniqueness, and placing forefront all new feelings in life, and creating them with new techniques.