Who can enter?


Pix From the Stix is open to photographers from all levels of photographic abilities from novice to professional. 


How to enter?


Complete the entry form via Trybooking at https://www.trybooking.com/BYHTH by 11pm (AEST) Sunday, July 31, 2022. For manual entry forms, please email pix@gloucester-arts.com.au.

All entries must be prepared in both a digital and print format.

The digital version must be loaded via this link for the blind-judging by 5pm (AEST) on Sunday, July 31, 2022. Submissions received after this time will not be accepted into the competition.

All print photographs must be prepared for exhibition hanging with in-person deliveries received at the Gloucester Gallery, 25 Denison Street on Monday, August 15, 2022 between 10am and 4pm. For assistance with alternative delivery arrangements, please email pix@gloucester-arts.com.au.

The Pix from the Stix exhibition will be on display in the Gloucester Gallery from Thursday, August 18 until Sunday, September 11, 2022.

The exhibition opening and prize winner announcements will be made at 7pm on Friday, August 19, 2022 in the Gloucester Gallery. All competition participants, friends and families are invited to attend. Entry to the opening is free.




The following conditions apply to all entries:

  • Any person can enter up to five entries.
  • An entry fee of $15 applies for each entry in the ‘senior’ section and $5 per entry for the ‘Junior’ section. Please note that entries made via trybooking.com may incur an additional booking fee retained by Trybooking.com.
  • Maximum size of each individual print photographic entry is strictly 29cm x 50cm, excluding the frame. Frame width size can not exceed 5cm on any side.
  • A maximum of 3 photographs for any one entry displayed as a series is permitted with the maximum total area being strictly 29cm x 50cm overall.
  • All print photographs must be suitably framed for hanging via a 2-hook system (one on each side near the top on the back of the frame). 

Large ‘D’ rings work best with the 2-hook hanging system. 

The 2-hook system comprises of 1-hook on a wire hanging from a track.

Where large ‘D’ rings aren’t fitted to the frame, please ensure the wire or cord is firmly stretched across the back of the frame. A loose wire or cord will cause the work to flop forward and/or the wire or cord to be visible. 

  • Courier and postage expenses are the responsibility of the entrant, including pre-paid return freight. The packaging must be reusable or include additional packaging for return and include required address labeling. Address for deliveries is 25 Denison Street, Gloucester, NSW 2422. Works must be received by Monday, August 15, 2022. For more information, email pix@gloucester-arts.com.au.
  • Print photographs submitted prior to the delivery date must be packaged for storage by the entrant.
  • Photographs must have been taken within the last two years and not exhibited in the Gloucester Gallery or any other gallery within a 200 kilometre radius of the Gloucester Gallery.
  • All digital entries must be in either jpeg (.jpg) or png (.png) format at 300dpi and between 4Mb to 5Mb in size and are to be uploaded via this link for judging by the entry due date. Each photograph file name must include the category code and photograph title. The following format is to be used. Example: NAT-PixFromTheSTix.

There must not be any photographer signature or watermark on the digital photo for judging purposes. 

Category codes are:

FAC = Faces I Have Met 

LIE = Lie of the Land 

NAT = The Natural Environment

MAN = Man-Made

NOT = Not Your Normal Photo

ABS = Absence of Colour

CUL = Culture 

JUN = Junior 

  • By entering the competition, the photographer gives permission for the Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council Inc and the Gloucester Gallery to use the digital images for promotional purposes. This includes use by the sponsors of the entered category. The photographer will be given credit, where possible.
  • Part of the prize for winning entry in The Lie of The Land Category is the publication of their photograph on the front cover of the Gloucester Advocate’s annual phone book, printed by Australian Community Media. By entering this category, the photographer gives permission for use of their photograph by Australian Community Media for promotional purposes.
  • Photographers can opt to have their entries up for sale during the exhibition in the Gloucester Gallery and are required to supply a sale price at the time of delivery. Any sales made during this period attract a 20% commission, retained by the Gloucester Gallery.
  • All unsold entries must be collected at 1pm from the Gloucester Gallery on the final day of the exhibition unless otherwise arranged with the competition's coordinators. Any unsold entries uncollected after 2 months from the conclusion of the competition will automatically become the property of the Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council Inc.
  • All print entries must be clearly marked on the back with the following details: 

* Name of photographer

* Photograph Title 

* Category

* Date Photograph was taken

* Price (if for sale - please note conditions above)

* Type of photograph e.g. DSLR, compact camera, phone capture

* Brief description (no more than 50 words) and location the photograph was taken

  • Any image deemed unsuitable/inappropriate will be excluded from the competition and/or the exhibition.
  • No late entries will be accepted.
  • By entering the competition, the photographer agrees to have their works on exhibition in the Gloucester Gallery for the duration of the public exhibition.
  • Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council Inc and the Gloucester Gallery take no responsibility for any loss or damage of any works submitted.




The ’Junior’ section (under 18 years as of the closing date of the exhibition period) is an open genre category.

The ‘Senior’ section must be submitted under one of the following categories with the genre used as the basis for the composition of the photograph.


  • Faces I Have Met
  • Lie of the Land – must be taken within the Gloucester area (2422 postcode).
  • Natural Environment
  • Man-Made
  • Not your Normal photograph
  • Cultural activities
  • Absence of Colour




Each senior category awards: 1st Prize $100, 2nd Prize $50; 

Junior category awards: 1st Prize $75, 2nd Prize $50 plus a $25 Encouragement Award.

The Lie of the Land includes an additional $50 publication prize for use of the photograph on the cover of the following year’s Gloucester phone book.

A Major Prize of $500 is awarded to the overall winner - chosen from senior categories only. This is an acquisition prize - meaning that the framed winning photo will become the property of the Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council to be included in the Gloucester Community Art Collection. The photographer retains copyright over the image.

People’s Choice Prize - There is a voting box on display during the course of the exhibition where visitors can cast a vote for a gold coin donation. The winner of this vote will be awarded the fund collected in the box during the exhibition.




All winners are chosen through a blind-judging process. The competition judge will be provided with the digital photographs only, containing the category and title of the photograph. Judging will be completed prior to the first day of the exhibition with the winners announced on the night of the opening. 


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